/ / is the #1 Transformers fan site, and I have been affiliated with it for over 15 years. The trial by fire that was my introduction to website development and design largely started with, as dealing with the rapid rise of a website over many years created a need for many solutions.

Instead of reliving the glory of late 90’s/early 2000’s web design, I’ll focus more on relevant items. One educational process was developing a 3D Model for the mascot of the site, “Boombox”. I worked off a few sketches and was able to figure out enough to get the job done. All things said, I still consider 3D modeling to be one of the most difficult disciplines I’ve taken to task.

Boombox Character ModelBoombox Character Model

Logos were another thing I did quite a bit of. Starting with the most current main logo, a more 80’s style was employed with the wordmark, and the faction symbol also matched with the classic style gradient recognized in the original Transformers series. logo

Featured in the main logo is the TFW2005 faction symbol, which has been made in a few different styles to fit current shows and movies.

Multi-generational faction symbolsMulti-generational faction symbols

The same kind of treatment was given to the main logo in emulating different generational motifs.

tfwlogosTFW2005 logos

Through all of my work done with TFW2005 over the years, I probably did a little of everything: Logo design, web design, flyer design, flash animations, audio production, video production, editorial photography, 3d modeling, t-shirt designs, and probably a few things that I forgot I even did. Many of the things I have learned on the fly were with TFW2005 and that definitely helped shape me into the well-rounded individual that I have become.