RydeSafe is a company that creates reflective safety products based out of Brooklyn, New York and is headed up by the one and only Anthony Clune. I’ve been involved with RydeSafe in quite a few facets since 2014, ranging from a successful Kickstarter campaign, participating in community events, and delivering consistent e-commerce imagery for its online store.

Rydesafe SlidePhotograph used in the reflective button Kickstarter campaign and website lander.

The first major project I was a part of was the Kickstarter campaign for Reflective Buttons. I assisted in the production of video/photo assets, handled applications for labor in Portland, and helped with community outreach on the street and at events, such as Tour De Brooklyn and Bike to Work Week.

Sandwich board animationGood ol’ fashioned sandwich board marketing @ the Tour De Brooklyn finish line.

Following participation at Transportation Alternatives’ Bike to Work party in Dumbo where we deployed our fan-favorite “Personalized Button Creation Station” and raised awareness for our campaign, the Reflective Button Kickstarter was funded, bringing sweet, sweet visibility to people around the world who enjoy not being hit by cars.

reflective button packagingRydeSafe Reflective Buttons – Studio lighting

My next task was bringing in the full range of previously shot e-commerce product photos and to edit them to be uniform, accurate to life, and consistent across the board in alignment and color so they could be used in online sales listings.

Rydesafe website imageRydeSafe online shop

natural light buttonsReflective Buttons in natural light

Reflective Buttons reflecting lightReflective Buttons reflecting light

After the product photos were addressed, we moved on to the realm of video, where I helped organize and shoot product guide videos for each product which were little snips showing the packaging, and how the product worked. We also shot a in-depth video for the slightly more complex application of the Bike Chain kit.