Logo Design

I am versatile in approach and execution to deliver results for many different kinds of identities and branding.

  • Google+ H.I.R.L. Logos
    Google+ H.I.R.L. logo design and PlusPort design
  • M.K. Maximilian American Woodworks Logo Designs
    M.K. Maximilian American Woodworks logo designs
  • Omega Hockey Logos
    Omega Hockey logo designs
  • GB Building Services Logo
    GB Building Services logo design
  • ModSquadHockey 10th Anniversary logo design
  • Gem City Aviators Logos
    Gem City Aviators Hockey team logo designs
  • Impossible Goods Logo
    Impossible Goods logo design
  • Cyclists+ Logos
    Cyclists+ Logo designs
  • Masked Expressions Logos
    Masked Expressions logo designs
  • TFW2005.com Logo
    TFW2005.com logo design and faction symbol design
  • ModSquadHockey Summer Jam Logos
    ModSquadHockey.com Summer Jam event logos/crests

Product & 3D Design

I have software experience with Sketchup and 3DS Max, and have woodworking experience from jointing, planing, cutting, joining, sanding, and finishing.

  • Desk Design
    Desk - Curly maple & curly white oak top; stained poplar and red oak legs/frame
  • Cutting Board
    Cutting Board/Serving Tray - Zebra wood and mango.
  • Coffee Table - Kumaru and Bocote with hairpin legs
  • Apertron Model
    Apertron - 3D robot that transforms into a Canon Powershot camera
  • Chair Design
    Compact stool design - Woods to be determined
  • Jazz Model
    Jazz - 3D model made for a statue prototype.
  • Mirror Frame
    1' Mirror Frame - Wenge verticals and Marblewood horizontals
  • Optimus Prime Model
    Optimus Prime - 3D model design for a print run


I enjoy many different photographic subjects that I approach with my own eye.

  • Ballet Confessions Photo
    Mary Ellen Beaudreaux
  • Tilted Wheels
  • Self Portrait
  • Birdy Back Ride
  • Line Brian High
  • Ryan Callahan
  • ChromeBike Panorama
  • Dark Draw
  • The Dome
  • Mistral Yoga

Web Design

Since the late 90's I have designed websites, and have evolved with the latest standards.

  • Omega Hockey
    Omega Hockey site design - omegahockey.com
  • Brian McDonald
    Brian McDonald prospect design
  • Personal website design
    Personal website design
  • European Day Spa
    European Day Spa site design - spaofbayonne.com
  • BMGFX.net
    BMGFX.net legacy design
  • iamBrian prototype
    iamBrian.net legacy prospect design
  • Maltese Sports
    Maltese Sports site design - maltesesports.com
  • Masked Expressions
    Tony Jarrett Pro Mask Painting site design - maskedexpressions.com
  • TFW2005/Tokunation
    TFW2005 & Tokunation header logos - tfw2005.com | tokunation.com

Illustration & Photo Manipulation

I am partial to vector illustration with a cartoon style, and also have fun taking some of my photos to elevated dimensions with Photoshop.

  • Go Hockey Team Venture
  • Gem City Brian
  • Newport Polar Panorama
  • The Game Plan
  • Toon Brian
  • Lundqvist and Valliquette