Omega Typeface

While my Brianstorm typeface remains a work in progress (and a daunting one at that), I wanted to do a somewhat less stressful project to keep my type design wits sharp. This time, I chose a project that would be much more structured, and with better planning from the get go, the Omega typeface was born.

It all started with Omega Hockey:

Omega Hockey logo design

The Omega Hockey¬†branding project is something I’m still proud of, which is rare for me. Recently it was absorbed by another entity, so the visuals I created will unfortunately no longer live on. Wanting to preserve a bit of the work in some way, I explored an expansion of the glyphs I created for the logo and rounded out a typeface that works well in athletics, sci-fi, action, and technology settings. It started out with the italic version, which is a slightly¬†non-conventional starting point:

Omega Italic

Once I completed the initial array, I had structured the kerning in a way that I could easily add regular letters without having to do much extra work, so I said why not and created a regular variant:

Omega Regular

Once the regular version was done, I continued down the rabbit hole and threw in a light version:

Omega Light

With better planning, I was able to create the three typefaces over the course of three days which is a blink of an eye compared to all the time I spent with the Brianstorm typeface.