Omega Hockey

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Omega Hockey was a NJ/NY goalie training outfit. Since it’s conception, I have done all of the branding, photography, web design, and print design.

The logo has gone through a few stages over the course of nine years. Starting with a metallic stamp logo, it evolved into bolder and simpler elements while maintaining its overall theme. Omega signals the end, and with hockey in many aspects, the play ends at the goal. As a goalie, the last line of defense you occupy governs the outcome of such an end.

Logo evolutionLogo evolution

As the logo progressed to a more flat design, the wordmark finally saw an upgrade that brought in from-scratch glyphs. I was happy enough with the glyphs that I plan on creating a font after them. The new logo brought about a final brightening of the overall look as well as an increase in vibrancy of the company, which had previously been on the darker side in appearance.

Logo upgradeBetter visual balance in line weights round out the current Logo upgrade.

The business card design also evolved as it changed to reflect the logo improvements.

Business Card design evolutionBusiness Card design evolution

Business cards weren’t the only print project however, as camps and clinics required poster and flyer designs.

omega14posterwebSummer Training Camp Poster Design

Summer Training Postcard FlyerSummer Training Postcard Flyer

The website is an area that is currently being upgraded, with the current site still matching the previous black and red styling

Current Web DesignCurrent Web Design

The new web design features a more efficient single-page responsive design.

Updated Website DesignUpdated Website Design

In addition to all of these graphic elements, I also created print files for uniforms, embroidered crests, puck graphics, and pretty much anything else you might think of when wanting to visually represent a company.