Meowy Christmas


Like many people who achieve things on the internet, I have my cat to thank for it. For this project, I harnessed my photography and photoshop skills in conjunction with the power of cats to create a holiday card worthy of the hype I had built from the previous year.

To get things rolling, we needed the star of the show first, so Kitty, who takes her modeling seriously, gave an A+ effort with her best blue steel pose and was cooperative while I got the other shots needed for the concept.

Kitty component photos

Next, photos of the less important humans were taken:

Human component photos

I took a photo of our brick wall and mantle, and also used a handful of other photos for the background elements:

Background components

All of those different pieces were cut out, mixed in, shifted, and tweaked until everything was right, and with a purple pantsuit to glue it all together, the card was complete:

The final product

It will be interesting to see what the upcoming year holds and if this holiday card arms race can sustain another 12 months of escalation. However, none of this would have happened if not for the first card I created:

The card that started it all

This card was a lot more simple but just as effective, and was a fun project. There were a lot less source images to deal with and a much simpler background:

First card source photos