I support Medicare For All because health care is a right

Medicare For All


The current landscape for health care in America is a stressful one. Health insurance trends further and further into the realm of unaffordability while proposed legislation threatens millions’ ability to live healthy without worrying about crushing debt becoming a reality if out of control health conditions arise.

Something I feel strongly about is the need for the health of the American people to no longer be second priority to the profits of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The notion of “Medicare For All”, “Single Payer”, and/or “Universal Health Care” is something I have been advocating for for some time. Unfortunately, this is a very muddied playing field that has become very politically partisan for many reasons.

I wanted to create a graphic to simply allow people to spread their support of a Medicare For All system, and put the Brianstorm font family to use to create a word-art “Keystone”.

The keystone represents the apex of an arch; the piece that joins two sides to allow both to stand strong. I felt the shape was fitting with my message, as it brings together two sides and makes for a union of strength and support. I also included triangular elements which evoke structural integrity and strength.

I support Medicare For All because health care is a rightMedicare for All Keystone

I plan on using the logo elements in more social media images/infographics that outline the “Whys” and “Hows” surrounding Medicare for all.

I’ve also had some fun with the Bernie Card aesthetic for some social media graphics related to the growing support for Single Payer health care:

“All the Single Payers” by Bernieonce