Masked Expressions

Tony Jarrett is a North Carolinian helmet and mask painter who uses the Masked Expressions name for his brand. He has been in business for over 20 years, and I have been in touch with him since around 2005. In that time I’ve done a few logos and web work for him, most recently with a 2015 re-design of his logo.

Masked Expressions original logosThe original logo design featured three variation to cover general, mask, and helmet branding.

Over time the original logos were used in a sticker that featured the American flag, and in order to update and simplify his branding I created a new logo that could serve as an all-encompassing symbol.

New Masked Expressions LogoUpdated 2015 logo

The new logo featured from-scratch M/X glyphs that facilitated an overall visual weight balance. It also incorporated elements from the American flag that were used in previous alternate logos.