Maltese Sports

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Maltese Sports is an equipment manufacturer that focuses on gel-based protective products. My largest role with the company was re-branding their outward appearance through new logos, a new website, updated photography, and new packaging design.

The first priority was updating the logo. I set out to create something bold and streamlined, and the result was a shiny armor-inspired symbol incorporating the company’s previously used greens and oranges. The wordmark was tweaked from an existing typeface to make for a clean yet impactful appearance.

Initial logo concept followed by the final result.Initial logo concept followed by the final result.

Website design was the next objective. I created a pentagonal container for the site header logo, which became a mainstay in other areas of brand design. The rest of the design featured tailored font-face typography and a custom skin for the ZenCart framework the store ran on.

Website designWebsite design

I handled the initial batch of product photography and prepared print material for retailers.

Product Lineup brochure Product Lineup brochure

The updated package design featured a cardstock bag topper for greater product visibility and was made modular with decals to lower printing costs.

Base Packaging Card Stock DesignBase Packaging Card Stock Design also featuring the GPS sub-logo

I also helped develop a wrist protector that incorporated gel padding to cover a vulnerable area for hockey players. The design featured an extended sleeve that underlaid the user’s elbow protection, which addressed the problem of guards sliding down the wrist and getting in the way of hand movement.

Slash Guard DesignSlash Guard Design