M.K. Maximilian


M.K. Maximilian is a New Jersey-based fabricator of unique and custom goods that I conceptualized branding for. Carrying the name of an 1800’s furniture builder and upholsterer who lived in New York City, the brand is a mixture of classic and modern elements that reflect the timeless nature of wood construction with the more modern nature of their designs.

M.K. Maximilian LogosLogos for various sizes that maintain the brand standard.

The lettering in the logo was a combination of from-scratch glyphs (M.K. Maximilian) and refined 1900’s style glyphs. What started out as large angular serifs gave way to rounded yet sharp ones to give the M.K. Maximilian name a bold figure, and the American Woodworks letters were made less ornamental than most 1900’s letters you would usually see by cleaning up their geometry and reducing serifs. In keeping the right mixture of vintage and modern elements, I avoided the excess of a faux-vintage look to bring about a clean classic appearance that is still at home in the modern age.

M.K. Maximilian text logo zoom-inClose up of the logo’s text elements, featuring the signature symmetrical A glyphs.

The web design once again brought in the mixture of classic and modern by combining neoclassical typography in the body text and product titles while using modern geometric letters for links and sub-headers. Coupled with a clean responsive web layout, the culmination of all elements provided a refined package.

Web Design PhotoResponsive Web Designs preserves information structure and overall appearance.

Update – In an effort to streamline a bit, I experimented with only using the M.K. Maximilian name in the logo, and created an additional MKM Stamp logo to be used in small sizes to go along with the square modular logo:

New logos with smaller stamp variant.