Henrik Lundqvist

Over the years I’ve created pieces of work centered around Henrik Lundqvist, goaltender of the New York Rangers. When I compare them to my other work, the most notable thing is that they are definitely the stuff that gets stolen the most, be it by hockey companies, hockey retailers, online print stores, etc.

I’ve merged my photography with a few different styles over time, with the earliest examples dealing with the limitations of my camera equipment. Early on, the image quality of my camera was not up to a quality level I demanded, so I used them as a base for vector art.

Minimalist vector artworkMinimalist vector artwork

Building upon that I wound up electing for more intricate vector drawing methods to add a bit of depth:

Complex vector artworkComplex vector artwork

As time went on, my camera equipment improved, and I was able to explore some new concepts with my photography and elevate them above the standard editorial appearance you usually see with sports photos by creating new environments and moods.

Henrik Lundqvist - All AloneHenrik Lundqvist All Alone – Did it inspire this? My egotistical side thinks so.

Henrik Lundqvist & Steve ValliquetteHenrik Lundqvist & Steve Valliquette

Henrik Lundqvist - The GameplanHenrik Lundqvist – The Gameplan

I also did some layer build videos to show a little bit in the process of creating such images: