Google+ Plusport


The Google+ Plusport was born out of a thriving global community that embraced the platform of Google+. It started with the concept of Hangouts, which were online video conferences, transforming into meeting people in-person. As such, the H.I.R.L. was conceived, as well was the logo I designed to represent it.

HIRL Logo - Hangout In Real LifeHIRL Logo – Hangout In Real Life

Building from that, I had an idea for something like a passport where people could document their adventures in meeting people from Google+, and with a looming massive HIRL in New York City, the Plusport began its life.

Plusport designsPlusport designs

I did the initial print run with, a local printer in Queens, and it was voted to have the design on the left used. The concept went over well enough that Google used the logo and concept in a large-scale print run that gave people the opportunity to use them at HIRLs all over the world.

Printed PlusportsPrinted Plusports