Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are something I have a lot of fun making, since they can be a single-day project from concept to finish. Creating a cutting board can be a nice challenge since they are often made with scrap pieces, so finding pieces that come together well can be pretty rewarding when you view the final result. Here are a few boards that I have created.

Gluing up and clamping a cutting board.Gluing up and clamping a cutting board.

Zebrawood/Aniegre boardZebrawood/Aniegre board with rabbeted underside

Bubinga/Peruvian Walnut Cutting BoardBubinga/Peruvian Walnut Cutting Board

Left: Mahogany/Padauk/Purpleheart board, Right: Zebrawood/Mango board.Left: Mahogany/Padauk/Purpleheart board, Right: Zebrawood/Mango board.

Mango/Aniegre board with rounded edges and rabbeted underside.Mango/Aniegre board with rounded edges and rabbeted underside.

Happy hand with a Mango/Aniegre boardHappy hand with the Mango/Aniegre board