Mistral Hay

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Mistral Hay is a New York-Based modern dancer and yoga instructor who I created web and print assets for. After collaborating to choose an appropriate web font wordmark, I created a web design along with accent photographs I took to round out her overall aesthetic.

Black & White photosAbstract Photos were taken to be used as background images for web and print use.

A color scheme and minimal design was elected, and made for a cohesive appearance in web design as well as with print materials such as business cards and dance/yoga resumes.

Mistral Hay Splash Mistral Hay Splash

The web design featured a straight-forward hierarchy that provided necessary information in a responsive fashion regardless of viewing device. The website has a WordPress framework, and I created the theme for the site from scratch.

Responsive design provides consistent imagery and information across all devices.Responsive design provides consistent imagery and information across all devices.

While there were many images of dance performances to use in the site, the same could not be said for yoga, so we utilized a composite photo I took that combined a series of poses performed by Mistral. This was then used as the header for the Yoga section of her site.

Yoga Pose PhotoYoga pose panoramic composite.